Aug 30 2013

Giving Your Eyes That Pop!

Brown Eyes With A Pop Tutorial 8/30:

So here we are again, and I have provided you with yet another tutorial this month for brown eyes.
Since it’s the end of the month, I feel it is necessary to express to you my future plans for these tutorials.
As I get more experienced in the world of camera effects, I will gladly show tutorials that work well for other eye colors.
I may even be using guests for their eye color and facial structure to show you how it works on other people as well.
Here I am showing you how to use the shape of your eyes to find a look that’s right for you.
Additionally, adding subtle colors will make the color of your eyes POP!

Aug 27 2013

Bright Envy Eyes

Eyeshadow Tutorial  (Pinterest Recreation) 8/26:
You’ll hear this again in the video, but I was looking through pinterest the other day and I a picture of an eyeshadow pattern that I wanted to try out.
It actually came out great, so I want to show you my rendition of the pattern in relevance to the source of inspiration I’ve used.
I had lots of great complements about it, so I wanted to show you guys and you can do it too!

For those of you who found this eyeshadow tutorial from the link in “Science Behind it all“, notice the colors that I am using and how it relates to the color scheme it was listed below.
This was listed under Analogous
I’ve shifted the three selected colors that you see on the wheel to the right and am using orange, yellow and green.
Notice how well they work together.

Bright Envy

Aug 24 2013

Bouncing Beach Waves

Hair Tutorial (Beach Waves) 8/23:
Use your usual curling iron to get those waves you’ve always wanted!
I have already curled my hair prior to this video in order to save time, because… well you guys probably would’ve sped through it anyway.
I briefly show you how to use your curling iron to learn the basic steps to take and WALLAH.
Wavy hair!

Aug 22 2013

“There has to be a better way”

While I was on one of my blog communities, I received a message from a girl who had expressed to me her newly discovered passion for cosmetics and beauty supplies.
She told me that she’s always been a girly girl inside, but hasn’t really been able to burst through her shell and look like a girly girl on the outside.
She said she doesn’t exactly know the right products to buy and had made an attempt at getting consultation from a Lancôme sales person at the mall she works in, in hopes to have all of her questions answered.
She then said, “She listed off a lot of items and I was shocked. There has to be a better way till I can afford it“.
There is a better way!
There are so many other better ways!

Let me explain something to you:
The media has brainwashed our minds to think that everything that is better costs more –
and this is something that I’ve been preaching to you guys since day one!
You do not need to pay the most to achieve the best results for things.
When it comes to your makeup, there are some things that you should pay more for and there are most things that you simply don’t have to.


Foundation and concealer –
You don’t have to pay for high end products, but it might benefit you to do so if you want that “airbrushed” look without any effort.
If you go to your local Wal-Mart or even Walgreens and buy a foundation or concealer, it’s going to take a little bit of practice before you figure out how much to use in order to get the look that you want.
Some of you assume that it doesn’t work for you.
Well, yes it does.
You’re not applying it properly.
That’s why I have created the contour video tutorial.
Not only are you able to alter the shape of your face, but you create highlights and shadows that give you structure and it makes your skin look much nicer, if not only makes people notice your features as opposed to your skin type.

Eyeshadow –
If you want pigments, that sometimes you’re going to pay a little extra for a single itty bitty jar of loud eyeshadow.
It’s bright, and it’s pigmented specifically to stand out!
When it comes to a regular pallet, you don’t need to spend much at all.
A couple layers of the same color on your eyes and colors that make it pop when they go together is the key.
It’s not all about the product, it’s about making it work.
This is one reason why people consider makeup to be art.
Referring back to a tip I have showed you in the past, a little bit of white eyeliner on your eyelid as a “primer” will make your colors appear brighter.
Think about when you mix white paint with any other color — it becomes brighter.
The same thing happens with your eyeshadow.

Mascara –
You don’t need to pay big!
I urge you to please pay attention to what I’m telling you.
While one mascara promises big bold lashes and the other one promises no clump extension, this is all something that you can do BY YOURSELF, without falling for these false promises.
It’s no secret that commercials for mascara use false eyelashes, so why do we buy into their lies?
 You want clump free lashes? 
Find a business card and put it at the top of your lashes and use your mascara to brush your lashes onto the business card.
Repeat the process until your lashes are clump free.
You want longer lashes?
Wear false eyelashes, use an eyelash curler or find a technique just using your mascara brush to achieve the longest length.

We’ve all contracted the “instant gratification” sickness, and it’s hard for us to put in a little effort before we get what we’re looking for.
It’s not as difficult as it sounds.
Just practice.
If you don’t want to sit infront of your mirror for hours playing with your makeup, try your different techniques every day when you put it on –
before you go out, before you go to work, to school, anything.
Just practice.
You’re a girl!
Being beautiful is something that comes natural just like being a handyman comes natural to men.
Women are more creative and Men are more technical.
It’s just the way it is, I’m not being sexist.

Being a girl, you’re expected to be beautiful.
Not so much in the sense that society will frown upon you for not wearing any makeup, but in the respect that if you get dolled up, you won’t be judged!
It’s expected from you.
You need to find some confidence from inside you, because people can sense confidence.
Don’t be cocky or conceited.. that’s just annoying, but be comfortable with yourself.
When you come off as confident, people will be confident in you and this is huge.
It will get you further in life than you’ve ever expected.
So if you have a pair of heels that your mom got you for Christmas 5 years ago, just collecting dust in the back of your closet because, you “don’t wear heels”.
Dust those babies off and put them on!
Go get that a little black dress and complement those heels for a night out on the town with your hair done and your makeup looking fierce.
Watch all the looks you get — those are good looks.
Watch for all the complements you get.
When you look good, you feel good.
It’s fact.

Stop worrying about what the commercials on TV tell you.
Stop focusing on why your makeup doesn’t look as good as hers.
That’s the glory of beauty blogging — I get to share with you how I do things and show you that you can do it too.
I promise, it looks complicated, but it’s just so easy.
Just give yourself a shot, take a chance and step out of your comfort zone.
Be as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

Aug 21 2013

Blogger Sissi


As I have mentioned before and will always adamantly stand by my opinion –
I love free things.
I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves free things, right?

I don’t know about you, but I have spent hours researching websites upon websites for freebies and have only received a couple of samples by mail.
I wish I had found blogger Sissi before I had ever done that, because she has made my life a whole lot easier!
Instead of looking for all the best freebies out there on my own, all I have to do is visit Sissis’ blog and she has all the best freebies listed right on her page. All I have to do is browse through her posts instead of trying to find websites.
It definitely cuts my time in half — at least!

I discovered Sissi on a blogging community and after reviewing her blog I have decided that she has one of the best freebie blogs out there and I wanted to share this with all of my frugal fellows!
Below is an interview I had conducted with her, asking her a couple questions about her blog so that you may get a better understanding for yourself about what she has to offer!

        Sissi’s Beauty and Freebies Blog

What made you want to start blogging?
“I am born and raised in Germany and moved here 7 years ago. I found it extremely hard to find beauty samples in the US. In Germany it is pretty easy to get these. Most of the times you have some in your magazines (this happens in the US very rarely). But if you like some samples, you just go to to “douglas” (very similar to ULTA) and ask for samples. Other than here they treat you nice, are knowledgeable and give you samples. (Who did not feel once rejected from those ladies at ULTA or Sephora? I feel like they have their noses way high up there!) So, when I finally found out how to find beauty samples online, I decided to make my own blog and post these to help others to get their free beauty items, too!”

What is the overall goal that you wish to achieve with your blog?
“I am looking for free beauty items everyday anyway, so it is like 50 % of the work is already done- so why not just publish these and help others too? I like people to try out new cosmetic so that they can buy what really helps them. I have found a lot cosmetic companies through sampling which I have never heard of before and I am buying now full sizes from them. (Paula´s Choice is one example for this).”

Who is your general audience?
“I guess people like you and me who love beauty items? Who knows? haha!”

Your blog consists of a lot of freebies — Are they all cosmetics and skincare products? Why?
“Yes, I am posting everyday all the free beauty samples and beauty giveaways I can find online. Everything I post I signed up for myself. These are the kind of free things I love and I thought there is people out there who are like me?”

How long have you been blogging for?
“My blog is about 6 weeks new.”

Do you feel like people should utilize your blog to find all the best deals and freebies?
“Yes, of course! That is the goal!”

Have you had any positive feedback regarding the freebies on your blog?
“I have a dear friend who signs up for almost everything I post and she is very thankful for the blog!”

What is your incentive to continue blogging in the future?
“Not only do I want to continue doing what I am doing but I also want to build up a data base for reviews of all kind of beauty items. This will take quite some time and maybe I will need some help of other people reviewing products for me.”

Aug 20 2013


All of the subcategories to this page will be guest bloggers.
I will find bloggers that I like, find out some information about them and have them answer questions for me regarding their blog so that you all can be aware of some of the best blogs are to follow.
Everyone that I interview is real and offers their own individuality through their blogs.
Please feel free to visit their blogs anytime that you’d like.

If you’re a blogger and would like me to review your blog and interview you, please comment below or feel free to contact me via email.
I will gladly reply to you at my earliest convenience and follow through with my review/interview.
Prompt guest blogger posts will be made after interview is complete.

Aug 16 2013

“Look twice for motorcyles”

It seems as though I’ve been seeing these bumper stickers on more cars much more often than I used to.
Possibly, it could be because more motorcyclists are dying in accidents these days because other drivers are distracted with their kids, with their cell phones, with their touch-screen internet radio, or because they just don’t give a damn.

I absolutely agree with these bumper stickers in the respect that motorcycles are much smaller than vehicles and are more prone to being in one’s blind spot than a vehicle much larger, whether it be a car or a truck.
I think people should not only look twice for motorcycles, but look twice for anything or anyone that could possibly result in an accident and cause serious injury upon themselves or others.
I’m not sure if I’m noticing this because my daily commute has become longer, of it’s because more people are becoming much more careless, but there’s way too many ignorant, unfocused, reckless and simply put –
stupid drivers.
Those of you who consider yourself to be “good” or even “great drivers”, you’re not.
Perhaps you’re good at critical thinking when it comes to another moron flying through an intersection when you have a green arrow doesn’t make you a good driver.
It could very well make you better than others, but I assure you, it does – by no means- make you a good driver.

Do you tailgate too closely?
Let’s consider this thought:
Have you ever been break checked?
I’d say we all have at least once.
While some of us are better than others, the majority of the people on the roads are more dangerous to themselves and others than if I were to go swimming with sharks, wearing a chum necklace.

A huge portion of those people ride motorcycles as well.
While I should not only look twice for your obnoxiously loud motor-bike and others, you should stop doing 20 miles-per-hour over the speed limit and swerving in and out of traffic because “you can fit”.
Additionally, where the hell is your helmet??
I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no sympathy for those of you who get hit by the next dumbass behind a wheel that forgot to use his blinker before switching lanes without looking.
If you were more focused on your safety, you probably would’ve been just fine.
Instead, you’ve contracted the “it won’t happen to me” disease that seems to be consuming everyone on this planet.

Guess what?
It will happen to you.
And it’ll probably suck.

Wear your damn helmet –
if you get into an accident, it’ll probably save your life.
Do the damn speed limit –
everyone else has to, you’re certainly no exception because your bike maxes out at 120; big whoop, you can do a wheelie.
Stay in your own damn lane –
you have a blinker too, for a reason.
Use it if you must switch lanes
And for god’s sake, pay attention to other drivers instead of feeling the wind in your hair.

It’s really not hard to drive properly.
It’s just not.
It’s so flippin’ simple, actually!
Sometimes I wonder how any of you passed a driving test.
They need to make that a little more difficult.
Go back to drivers-ed. Please.

Thank you, and look twice for everything.

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Aug 16 2013

Alter your appearance!

It’s just amazing what we can achieve with a little bit of makeup.
Ladies, I don’t think I need to tell you this.
If no one has tried contouring, give this video a watch, and try it yourself.
Don’t like the size of your nose?
No big deal!
Don’t like your cheekbones?
Also no biggie!
By contouring your face, you’re able to basically change the features and make them a bit more appealing.
I love doing this.
Not only does it work, but if you want to go “au-natural“, this gives you a beautiful glowing complexion.
One of my favorite things to do!

P.s. Excuse the face.
Youtube loves taking snapshots at the worst times!!

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Aug 15 2013

Quit Guessing!


We all see these commercials on TV that offer shampoo’s and conditioners that revitalize hair, make it shiny and flawless.
Giving our hair maximum volume while reducing frizz, and building strength.
Immediately, we want the latest and the greatest of everything –
we see one beautiful model after another tossing her hair to the back as she spins around and think to ourselves “I want my hair to look like that!”
Before you grab your keys and run to the store for the next shampoo you see advertised on TV, take a moment to figure out which brands are right for you and why.

None of us have the same kind of hair, which is why not all of the shampoo’s and conditioners will work for each of us the same way.
Before deciding on the shampoo you’re going to use next, be sure to understand your hair type and do a little research to find out which hair products will best benefit you.
Because I know the hassle of having to look up every little thing, I’ve compiled a list for you with a couple of well known brands categorized appropriately according to hair type.
I have placed them in no particular order, nor did I pick and choose any of my personal favorites –
I simply grabbed a few brands that you’d most likely know.

Thin or Fine Hair :
Your hair might be pretty and shiny but where’s the volume?
Where’s the elasticity allowing you to hold style’s for more than 10 minutes, right?
You need to focus less on the hydrating shampoo’s and look for shampoo’s that are specified for volumizing.

 - Volumizing shampoo’s:
1. Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Root Boost Volumizing Shampo0
2. Herbal Essence Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo:
3. John Frieda Luxurious Volume:
4. Nexxus Diametress Luscious Volumizing Shampoo:
5. Pantene Pro-V Volume:

6. Redken Body Full:

Normal/Medium Hair:
Well aren’t you the lucky one who was born with great genes and almost never have to worry about your hair like the rest of us.
Don’t be too humble about it!
While you may not need to worry about it being damaged so much, be sure to maintain the beauty.
Be aware that some shampoo’s can actually hurt you more than help you so you need to focus on gentle cleansing shampoo’s.

- Gentle Cleansing Shampoo’s:
1. Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo:
2. Suave Clarifying Shampoo:

Curly/Wavy Hair:
If you’re like me, your lovely locks can be more of a burden than a gift.
Constant frizz, unmanageability and just a down right pain!
Perhaps it’s because you’re using the wrong hair products –
What you need to focus on is moisturizing your hair.

-Moisturizing Shampoos:
1. Aussie Moist:
2. Dove Intense Moisture:
3. Herbal Essence Hello Hydration:
4. L’Oreal EverPure Moisture:
5. Nexxus Therappe:

6. Pantene Moisture Renewal:
7. Redken All Soft:
8. TRESemme Vitamin E and Moisture Rich:

Oily Hair:
I’ve had my days of taking a shower and my hair getting greasy after the day ends, but I couldn’t imagine having to live with it every single day!
What you need to do is stop moisturizing so much and go to more mild shampoo’s that can balance the pH and essentially.. dry out your roots.
Believe it or not, children’s shampoo’s are some of the best.

-Mild Shampoos:
1. Aveda Shampure:
2. Johnsons Natural Baby Shampoo:
3. L’Oreal Kids Extra Gentle:

Dry/Damaged Hair:
Too much heat whether it be because of the weather or because of your curling and flat irons, your hair begins to break and split.
Using the wrong shampoos can cause this as well, leading your hair to be dried out, split ends or the phrase we’re all so familiar with –”Fried”.
Though us ladies surely love doing things with our hair, the damage will never cease however, we can certainly prevent it from happening so quickly with nourishing shampoos.

-Nourishing Shampoos:
1. Aveeno Nourish & Volumize:
2. Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Strong Long Lengths Nourishing Shampoo:
3. Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair:

4. Sunsilk Thermashine:

Color-Treated Hair:
I love getting my hair done just as much as any other girl, but depending on how you get it done can make a huge difference.
I suggest always getting your hair colored at a salon instead of from a box, because of the harsh chemicals and metals that can hurt your hair.
Though some of us will still prefer to take the cheaper route (and I’m certainly not one to judge), there are shampoos that can help keep your color more vibrant while also replenishing your hair of all it’s stripped nutrients with Sulfate-Free shampoos.

-Sulfate-Free Shampoos:
1. L’Oreal Paris Everstrong Hydrate:
2. Pureology Nanoworks:
3. TIGI Bed Head Superstar Sulfate-Free:

Flaky Scalp:
Dandruff is a pain, that’s for sure.
Perhaps it’s because of personal abuse to your hair, weather related, hereditary or using the wrong products, medicated shampoos can help reduce dandruff if not simply get rid of it.

-Medicated Shampoos:
1. Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength Dandruff:
2. Pantene Pro-V Anti-Dandruff:
3. Selsun Blue Dandruff:

Hair Loss:
This isn’t referring to balding so much as it’s referring to “shedding”.
Believe it or not, washing your hair too much can result in hair fall out!
Though, there are fortifying shampoos that can help keep your hair strong and stay on your head.

- Fortifying Shampoos:
1. Aveeno Pure Renewal:
2. Garnier Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo:
3. Pureology Essential Repair Fortifying Shampoo:

This applies to everyone!
Your hair ages just like you do, so because of it’s constant change in needs, anti-aging shampoo’s can help keep your hair full of vitamins and looking vibrant.
Also, it helps prevent grey hairs from popping up every now and then.

- Anti-Aging Shampoos:
1. Dove Pro-Age:
2. L’Oreal Age Densiforce:
3. Pantene Pro-V Age Defy:

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Aug 13 2013

The Science Behind It All!


I mentioned in my multicolor tutorial that you need to experiment with the color pallets of your eye shadow.
While I still believe that you should do that, whether it be for fun or practice right before you go out,
there’s a bit more behind “experimenting” than just that.

Now, there was a period of time in my life when I had more free-time than anyone else I’d ever known,
and we’ll leave the reasons behind that out of the subject –

however, it gave me the chance to teach myself how to do my makeup that I otherwise was terrible at before hand.
(Always try to take the positive out of the negative)

A bit of science, if you will –
In the same respect that interior designers use this tool,
Painters use this tool,
Fashion Designers use this tool,
And you’re going to use this tool…
It will absolutely help you understand how to use your colors much better than if you were to practice without this tip.

The Color Wheel.
When you’re going for a specific look –
example: Holidays or seasons, it’s important to consider the Color Wheel and get a better understanding of how your colors work well with each other of simply don’t work very well at all.
Let’s start from the beginning.
Oh, I learned about the color wheel in elementary school!
Ok, and how much of that do you honestly remember?
How much of that do you actually apply to your make up or even your wardrobe every day?
Just hear me out:

Three Basic Wheels:
~ Primary colors — Red, Blue and Yellow.
(3 basic pigment colors that cannot be mixed or formed with any other combination of colors and all other colors come from these 3 hues.)

~ Secondary colors — Green, Orange and Purple.
(These are the colors formed by mixing the 3 original pigments.)

~ Tertiary colors — Yellow-orange, Red-orange, Red-purple, Blue-purple, Blue-green, and Yellow-green.
(These are the colors you get when you mix a primary and a secondary color.)

Ok, that was easy right?
Now we understand what we can and cannot mix together, and what can be created with our mixes.
Moving on!

Here’s your basic color wheel separating the warm and cool colors:

When combining colors, we want to find patterns that are harmonious — pleasing to the eye.
This actually is very common in nature, such a beautiful world we live in!

Complementary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheels and they go well with each other when combined.
In any specific straight line, you are able to match any two colors on the color wheel to find which are complementary.
These work best when you want something to stand out.
Also, when mixed in the right proportions they can yield a neutral color (black, white or grey).


Analogous colors are any three colors next to each other on a color wheel and are the most harmonious;
these are what colors are most often found in nature.
With a more shade and hue incorporated color wheel, these three colors appear monochromatic (multiple shades of one color), which can appear more peaceful when combined.
Overall,  this technique of combining colors typically create a serene and comfortable appearance, making it easy and enjoyable to look at.
***Authors Note: See eyeshadow tutorial on how these colors work well together.***

Triad colors are 3 points which are evenly spaced throughout the color wheel.
In any direction, you are able to turn this triangle and find 3 colors that work well with each other.
Generally, triad colors tend to be vibrant.
Be careful when using triad colors –
let one color dominate and the other two accent for best results.

This is similar to the complementary color scheme, but with a twist –
It uses a base color (at any position on the color wheel) and then the two colors adjacent to the complement.
If you’re feeling spunky, you can mix the adjacent colors with your primary color to achieve colors that work best together.
Most people believe that there truly is no clashing when it comes to split-complementary colors.
*Refer back to “complementary” for better understanding.


The tetradic scheme uses four colors that are arranged in two complementary pairs.
This particular color scheme allows for many combinations, but be sure to let one color be dominant.
This is possibly the most difficult to harmonize, which is why you should select a dominant color, but if used properly, they can provide very a rich visual that feels fun. This would be the best selection for patterns for festivities.

Square is quite similar to the tetrad, but with evenly spaced colors in between the points.
Best results yield to being aware of where to place your warm and cool colors because they tend to clash, but these colors are the most intense.
This isn’t exactly the best choice for every day wear, because it can be a bit ”loud” to look at, but if you play around with them, they can look pretty nice.
I’d suggest choosing a special time to wear colors like this.

I will eventually be posting pictures corresponding with the schemes that were listed in order to help you get a better understanding about how your colors work together.
Stay updated by subscribing to my blog!
Thank you so much, I hope this helps you!

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